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Uncle Seth Links

People we've played with, places we've hung out in or stuff we just generally like that's part of the great Southern Ontario indie scene and beyond! In no particular order.

Music Artists

Matt Osborne

The Hoolie Snatch

Linda M

Shawn Sage

The Soul Foundation Erin Smith Band

The Friendless Youngsters

The Kindly Ones

Mike Freedman

Special Ed and the Musically Challenged

The Threat

Factor Fiction

The Junction

Jim Smith Band

Electric Meat

Diesel Dog

Jeff Stone

Todd Harrison

Janine Stoll




David Hein

Uncle Herb Dale

Brian Gladstone

Third Floor Reillys C'est What

Free Times Cafe

Smiling Buddha Bar
Cameron House Healey's
Coverville Toronto Independent Music Podcast (TIM)
Bitjobs for the Masses Insomnia Radio
Aardvarks' Nest Accident Hash
Satellite of Grace fivepoundbag
Scents of Magic Deliberate Noise
Dogs Cameras Tech and Life The SG Show
sammelstelle.net Journey Inside My Mind
Financial Aid News Pod Weather
Slippery Tangents Alaska Podcast
IndieCan Radio
Other Cool People, Events and Organizations
Jay Moonah Lisa Johnson - Unsung Communications
Michael Murtanovski
(visual artist)
Rannie Turingan (photographer)
The Big Schmooze
Creative Commons Exodus Studio Productions
20 hz TO-Nite Magazine
Jambands.ca Jamaholic.com
Windrift Music Groovy Mondays
IndieMusic.ca Toronto Independent Music Awards

To contact Uncle Seth, please send email to uncleseth [at] musicface.com.

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