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Jolene reunion single credits

“Jolene” (Dolly Parton) - 3:43

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Jones
Recorded October 15, 2022 by Brian Moncarz at Hapi Hipi Studios, King City, Ontario, Canada

Amaya Thompson - lead vocals
Jeff Jones - guitar, clavinet, additional percussion
Jay Moonah - harmonica, accordion, backing vocals
Drew Moncarz - bass
Mark Kitchen - percussion
Chris Patheiger - drums
Frank Baraczka - drums
Jenn Kee - backing vocals

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Lame Suburban Poetry credits

  1. Destination (Mark Kitchen, Jay Moonah, Jeff Jones)
  2. Funny Faces (Jeff Jones, Jenn Kee)
  3. Skylight (Jay Moonah, Jeff Jones)
  4. If I Laugh (Jeff Jones)
  5. Rabbi From Texas: a waltz for harmonica (Jay Moonah)
  6. Little Pieces (Jay Moonah)
  7. Double-Double: a waltz for voice (Tara Thompson)
  8. Release Yourself (Mark Kitchen, Jay Moonah)
  9. 3 Sum: a waltz for drums (Mark Kitchen)
  10. Gentle Shove Of Fate (Jeff Jones)
  11. Lullaby: a waltz for guitar (Jeff Jones)
  12. Cross (Jeff Jones, Jay Moonah)
  13. Cloud Song (Jeff Jones, Jenn Kee, Mark Kitchen, Jay Moonah, Will Stokes)
  14. Little Steps (Jeff Jones)
  15. Last Laugh(Jeff Jones)

Jeff Jones: electric, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars & hand claps
Mark Kitchen: drums, percussion, electric guitar & hand claps
Drew Moncarz: bass & 12 string guitar
Jay Moonah: harmonica, harmonium, melodica, nylon string guitar, jaw harp, backing vocals & hand claps
Tara Thompson: lead and backing vocals & hand claps


Danny Brown: hand claps on "Little Steps"
Jerry Garcia action figure: guitar intro on "Release Yourself"
Jon Kay: saxophone on "Cross"
"Blind Willie Bone Dry Dickey" Moncarz: guitar solo on "Destination", hand claps on "Little Steps"
Matt Osborne: vocals on "If I Laugh"
Chris Patheiger: congas on "Cloud Song", vibraslap on "Funny Faces"
Ian Torres: bass on "Double-Double"

Produced & Mixed by Brian Moncarz & Uncle Seth
Recorded by Brian Moncarz at Whirlwind Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Kevin Ferrier at MCS, Toronto
Drum Tuning and Groove Technician: Danny Brown

20th Anniversary remastering by Jeff Jones

Thank-Youse-Guys: The Kitchen Family, The Stokes Family, Julia & Michael O'Hallarn, The Moonah Family, The Jones Family, Ryan Ayukawa, Judy Perly, Julie, Paul, Jenn and all the staff at Free Times, Christopher Baron, Gary Kraan, Crispin Giles, Marlin Savaiva, Pepper Scott, Sean Sedlezky, Jonathan Ohayon, Jenn Renaud, Linda M, Snoovy, Erin Smith Band, Lunchbox Social, Shoeflies, Mike Freedman, Andy Sheppard, Dave King, Ariel Brink, Lindi, Pat Ang, Kevin Ferrier, Yehuda Fisher

Extra Special Thanks: Danny Brown, Jon Kay, Matt Osborne, Chris Patheiger, Karen Moonah, Michael Murtanovski and most espeically Cousin Brian Moncarz. Without you this CD might still exist, but it wouldn't be nearly as cool.

And of course: Jenn Kee, Will Stokes and Ian Torres. You will always be part of the Seth family!


All songs Copyright © 2000-2006 Uncle Seth. All rights reserved.

To contact Uncle Seth, please send email to uncleseth [at] musicface.com.

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