Sadly, Matt Osborne passed away in his sleep on the morning of Friday April 23, 2004. These original pages from his original site will continue to be maintained for the foreseeable future, however they are no longer being updated. Please visit the main site for more information on Matt and on The Matt Osborne Musicians Trust Fund.



Matt!MATT OSBORNE plays acoustic 6 or 10 string guitar and sings. He sometimes does both at the same time. MATT has been writing and performing for the better part of 10 years primarily in the Southern Ontario region, but his music has taken him across the country and across the border when the opportunity presented itself. Call MATT'S sound a melting pot--blues, rock, folk and even the odd celtic ingredients all shine through whenever they feel like it. And he quotes obscure movie lines when he can't remember the words, sometimes. That's called professionalism. Honest.

The Matt Osborne BandThere's something cool about THE MATT OSBORNE BAND. Besides the fact that they can combine styles with their original material (blues, rock, folk, power pop and psycho-delic) while always managing to listen to each other (MATT on guitars, vocals and harp; SERGE SOLSKI on electric bass and (almost) 1 vocal; ARUN PAL on drums, percussion and vocals)... there's something else. Even COOLER. It's the fact that they all wear black shirts for that "band unity" look. And they rock harder because of it. Honest.

THE MATT OSBORNE DUO has been on the go since late 1998--MATT on vocals, guitar, harmonica and authentic tin kazoo teams up with CHRISTINE BIRD on electric bass, vocals and the odd egg shaker. The duo concentrates on presenting original material while still keeping things interesting for any given audience; with the nice fringe benefit of keeping things interesting for themselves. Melodic blues, catchy pop and inspired jam-outs are the order of the day. They also play one (1) disco song (at CHRISTINE'S request, mind you).

Progressive Metal Thinktank (well, 2/3 of 'em anyway)THE PROGRESSIVE METAL THINKTANK is just insane. You've got MATT on guitar, vocals and irony, CHRIS PATHEIGER on percussion, vocals and other vocals, with the sultry ATTILA BARACZKA on bass and NOTHING ELSE 'cause he doesn't need to be on nothin' else, jerky (actually... he does sing a couple. Real purty, too). These fine young men meld a fine fulminating funfest of sight and sound out of various blues, rawk and folk particles for an altogether pleasing compound of competence. Woooooooo.

The not-quite-dearly-departed Winnebago Blues BandTHE WINNEBAGO BLUES BAND hasn't officially broken up yet--they still have to play their last gig in Stony Creek... see... the guy's gonna call them back when he fixes the dance floor. They showed up for their last gig (that's right... the one that hasn't happened yet) and the guy said that "we had a flood in the basement and the water got into the floor here and it raised the tiles so the dance floor's uneven so if you played there would be people dancing and one of them could trip and then they could sue us and maybe even sue you..." So. When the tiles are all even again, maybe MATT, BRENT HAGERMAN (Vocals, guitar, sax) STEVE TOMS (bass, vocals) and IAN MOLLISON (drums) will have their farewell gig that the world so richly deserves.


"Osborne is a wallflower. With a bad attitude. This should be the album that puts (his name) on the lips of petulant housewives across the nation. This is also one of those very rare, excellent, indie albums." (man versus concrete album review) Gerry Robbins, ECHO Weekly

"He is such an enormous talent that he won't remain a secret for much longer..." Lisa Johnson, Imprint

"...he still does the angst thing better and more honestly than anyone I know..." Jason Schneider, The Record

"The best thing about the group is the fun they incorporate into everything they do." Andrea Bailey, Waterloo Chronicle

"He is the kind of musician that makes the more insecure among us quake as he can effortlessly brandish the professional songwriter's triple-pronged talent of intelligent lyricist, hardy vocalist, and tastefully skilled guitarist." Brent Hagerman, ECHO Weekly

"The Duo was in fine form, and by their fifth tune Osborne and Bird had the crowd warmed up. People turned their chairs around for a better view, and it's not hard to see why-this guy can sing. His smooth, low tones are offset by a bright and shiny falsetto, and an inhuman ability to hold a note." Kimberly Fair, the Ontarion

"Osborne's subtle compositions, bolstered by engaging lyrics and an undercurrent of blues and rock, will fly with all kinds of listeners." Kim Hughes, NOW Magazine

"One thing Osborne can boast over other performers is his versatility. His sets can range from quiet acoustic ballads, to bluesy harmonica workouts, to full band rock." William West, id Magazine

"Speaking of forceful, Osborne's stage shows are nothing short of electrically charged, even with a simple acoustic guitar in his hand. YYou must see this guy's stunning live act to appreciate him!" Zora Jokic, ECHO Weekly

"Matthew is an original artist who explores extremes and variety. His work is zestful and refreshing, and, because of its diversity, always engaging." Margaret Hitchcock, Acoustic Café© Magazine

"Matthew Osborne is obviously a man of many talents. He handles an acoustic guitar like Rembrandt held a brush." Phil M. Kinzinger, the Cord (Review of Matt's first professional recording.)


MAN VERSUS CONCRETE, 2001 11 tracks

THE NATURE OF REALITY (Student Film Soundtrack), 2000 "So Much"

FOOD SONGS (DROG Records Compilation), 1999 "Sadler Royal Oak Brand Tableware"

UNDERWATER (Ramona Records), 1998 14 tracks

TASTER (WLU Musicians' Network Compilations) 1992-1995

DOGGIE BLUES (TWP Records), 1993 10 tracks

AVAILABILITY: MAN VERSUS CONCRETE, the new CD from the Matt Osborne Band is available online at Unfortunately, most of the other albums mentioned here only had 1 run of 500 or 1000 copies. I get the odd copy of UNDERWATER now and then, FOOD SONGS is available from The rest, unfortunately... are buried somewhere in a used record store. E-mail me with specific requests and I'll try my best to find something (or at least point you in the right direction).

To contact Matt Osborne, please send email to

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