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New CD - man versus concrete

The Matt Osborne Band's new album "man versus concrete" is now available!

Signs of today's progress are all around us. And what symbolizes that progress better than concrete? We drive on it. We labour within great blocks of it. We usually retreat behind concrete walls at the end of the day. It's everywhere. This album deals with the individual's struggles against all that--why should these barriers (real and metaphorical) control us from cradle to grave? Sure, a well worn trail taken by many a songwriter. But the Matt Osborne Band makes sure that the journey on "man versus concrete" is a surprising, dramatic and ultimately moving one. And one that you can groove to. Very important. Get that swerve on, nawmean?

Our heroes, while clearly possessed of an agressive, melodic power pop foundation, venture into many areas through these 11 tracks to make their point. Folky interludes, the odd celtic splash and a few blues workouts all peacefully coexist on "man versus concrete."

    Track Listing:
  1. 20 Feet
  2. The Sensitive New Age Rejected Pathetic Man's Anthem
  3. Channel 36
  4. Whining Teenager's Dramatic Exit
  5. I Wanna be the Mayor
  6. Crashin' Down Blues
  7. I Want a Girl with Glasses
  8. Reduced to Clear
  9. Down
  10. - - - - -
  11. Unwind

There's the entire album available for streaming only at the CBC site:


The 11 track Matt Osborne Band album "man versus concrete" is now available at:

Orange Monkey in Waterloo, 5 Princess St. W., (519)886-0939.

Carden Street Cafe in Guelph, 40 Carden St., (519)837 2830

Support local retail!

If you'd like your very own copy of "man versus concrete" delivered to your door, just follow this link if you'd like to purchase a copy of man versus concrete using a major credit card in a secure online environment:

If you prefer the old fashioned snail-mail approach, send $15 in either cheque or world money order to:

Matt Osborne
641 Beechwood Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
N2T 2J7

and you'll get your album delivered to you ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA (postage is included). For overseas orders... gimme an e-mail and let me know your location and I'll get back to you with any additional charges that are required.

If you prefer the personal touch, the album will be selling for $10 at pretty well any of Matt's gigs... and maybe for you too if you ask in a pleasant manner.

Go to my page for free downloads of many of the tunes on the album.

We shall all boogie together, then. Boogie woogie.

To contact Matt Osborne, please send email to

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